• A view into the KunstWandelhalle

Art exhibits in Bad Elster

Art Adventure in Bad Elster

Bad Elster, as a cultural and festival town, is also dedicated to the fine arts. Regionally-significant art exhibits, with positive feedback from viewers, have been a part of Bad Elster’s cultural life since the 19th century. Exhibits have varied since the regal period, including artists such as Käthe Kollwitz, Kurt Schwitters, Prof. Richard Müller, Conrad Felixmüller, Max Pechstein, Otto Dix, Otto Altenkirch and, in more contemporary times, Manfred Feiler, Peter Luban, Eugen Gomringer, Volkmar Kühn and many others. Nowadays, the fine arts are displayed in the unique atmosphere of the KunstWandelhalle and the gallery of the Royal Convalescene House. 

In addition to diverse concerts, art exhibits of varying genres are displayed. Herewith, the Kunstverein Bad Elster e.V. wants to support the artistic and professional young talent from central Germany in particular. This is why in the series “JUNGES PODIUM” (young platform), exhibits and concerts take place in close collaboration with Saxony’s art and music schools. 

In the gallery of the Royal Convalescene House, the emphasis is placed on the concept that “West Saxon Artists Introduce Themselves” in order to allow residents and guests insight to the region’s creativity.