• Blick auf den Skulpturenpark Bad Elster

The SculpturePark Bad Elster

International Wood sculpture Exhibition

  • Artful perspective: The
    SculpturePark in Bad Elster

The new SculpturePark Bad Elster was officially dedicated on the open space nearby the Royal Convalescence House on the 22nd june 2012. This project was implemented in co-ordination with the town Bad Elster by Chursächsische Veranstaltungs GmbH in close cooperation with the Landschaftspflegeverband Oberes Vogtland as promoter of the International Wood-carver Symposium Vogtland and is today a crowd puller in the heart of town.

The SculpturePark on the open space of the former Grand Hotel ‘Wettiner Hof’ presents an impressive representative profile of wood sculptures from international artists and woman artists amidst the center of Bad Elster. The workings were formed within always two weeks lasting symposiums on ‘Riedelhof’ in Eubabrunn amidst the music region Vogtland since 1996. In Bad Elster these sculptures were grouped and arranged in the thematic topics “organic-abstract forms”, “abstract symbols” and “figures”. Thereby classic carver thumbprints meets experimental, ethnic or constructive views and german, polish, czech, romanian or bulgarian works are faced by argentinian, canadian,  swiss and japanese art traditions. At this international art dialogue in Bad Elster appears  confessed professionals as well as highly talented students from the art academies in Prague and Dresden, f.e. from the prestigious classes of Prof. Jindrich Zeithamml and Prof. Ulrich Eißner. Biggest figure of the SculpturePark is the “Riding Queen” of a japanese woman artist which is enthroned hillside of the Sculpture Park.  

Vogtland wood as medium of communication

  • On traces of chain saws: Wood sculptures
    as crowd pullers

The broadly defined topic “meadow” of the carver symposiums explains a principal object of these carver meetings: With pictorial artistic means the artists want to draw attention to the actual threat and vulnerability of nature but concurrently work out the unlimited variety and beauty of nature – right here in Vogtland. No material is therefor better suitable as the native Vogtland wood. Whether the weather-resistant oak, the fancy maple, the ductile lime or the fast-growing poplar – habit and structure of trunks deliver natural inspired ideas for drafts. While considering and feeling of the so charmed trees visitors are abducted into plastic pictorial worlds so that they follow the traces of chain saws and chisels. With the new SculpturePark the Culture and Festival town Bad Elster owns an additional attractive component in tourism which will additionally revitalize the tourist attraction in Vogtland.

Aim of this successful project is to upgrade the public area of the historic parks in the Culture and Festival town Bad Elster above all with locally originated and regional radiating visual art to equip the numerous guests and visitors the special flair of the saxon state spa as architectural work made of nature, art and culture. This total approach for art in Bad Elster is thereby not in the context of a certain area but rather wants to give active impetus for creativity to the historical characterized public area Bad Elster. Parallel to the changing art exhibitions in the KunstWandelhalle and in the gallery of the Royal Convalescence House so the way on the already existing Art Route Bad Elster is continued.